We are a citizen data cooperative that accelerates research and innovation in the healthcare sector.

Salus.Coop seeks to legitimize the right of citizens to control their own data, while facilitating the exchange of data to accelerate research and innovation in the health sector.

We share and govern our data together.


We put our data at the service of the common good and our own well-being.


We generate an impact on the research agenda.


The report on citizens’ health data

How can citizens take control of their health data? How can medical research be accelerated by removing barriers to data access? Can citizens take a more active role in medical research? We have developed a new vision that redefines the ecosystem of exchange of health data around citizens’ rights to control their own records

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Why is it important?

The future of our health depends largely on the potential to combine, integrate and share our data. However, the decision to share our data involves many risks, such as privacy, security and possible misuse of data. Who do we trust these decisions to? Although European citizens legally own their health data, it is often difficult in practice to access or control their use. These factors hinder innovation in the health sector and slow down research.

How can citizens take control over their health data?

How can medical research be accelerated by removing the barriers to access to data?

How can citizens play an active role in health research?

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