Salus CO3: COVID Cooperative Cohort

Citizen data cooperative

In the face of the health emergency, citizen coordination

COVID19 has highlighted the need for the use of collective data both for the control of the epidemic and for the management of the deconfinement process. The relevant data for the achievement of these objectives include personal statements of the state of health, results of analysis and clinical tests and mobility data among many others. There is a broad consensus that the use of data given by citizens will facilitate and improve research on the short and long-term effects of this virus.

In this context, the CO3 project (COVID Cooperative Cohort) aims to create a cohort of citizen data donors for COVID research. During the first semester of 2021, Salus will offer the community of cooperativists of ABACUS (partner of this initiative) and the general public to participate in the first cohort of data donors for covid research. Likewise, we call on research projects interested in contacting salus’ CO3 team via email:

If you are a citizen interested in being part of this cohort, sign up for the initiative,over the next few months we will contact you.

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